In 1989 I was asked to render the Disney characters in EPS file format, as Disney could not supply these at that time. They were for a rubber stamp company who had purchased the license form Disney to create said rubber stamps. Though they needed the illustrations as computer EPS files for their rubber stamp-making machine.
I rendered all the Disney characters in Adobe's first version of Illustrator, Illustrator 88.  There was no path-finder tool back then, so they were painstakingly rendered with Bézier curves.
The files were modemed to Disney for approval, which they were, and that was the last I heard from Disney.
Hence, it is most likely, I am the first person to render Mickey Mouse on a computer.
I never received any recognition from Disney for the rendering nor have any idea what else Disney might have done with them. Though it did give me an introduction to Kimberly Clark, who had also acquired a license to use Mickey Mouse in their promotional material. Kimberly Clark became a valued client for some years.
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